Great Adventures in Brunnenburg Castle

An artist's view on the world around his.

Month: February, 2012


There is something to be said about packing early.   Others pack weeks before their trip, I pack two days.  I will wear the clothes I have on now until I reach Italy.  The bags I’m bringing are located above.  One bag with clothes, books, pens, necessities, another with my computer, plane stuff, and another […]

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Brunnenburg - Spring

Now take a look at that.  The castle, in the center of the frame, is Brunnenburg castle, owned and operated by family and friends of the late literary figure Ezra Pound.  This is where I will be spending the next three months.  The croft, my home away from Vermont, is the smaller white building in […]

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Heil Playground

There’s a certain amount of trepidation when you start your next journey.  When we were children, we were under the impression that our lives, and those around us, were all linked.  It was built into our core.  We understood that what has an effect on us will no doubt have an effect on others.  As […]

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