A Child in the World

by Administration

Heil Playground

There’s a certain amount of trepidation when you start your next journey.  When we were children, we were under the impression that our lives, and those around us, were all linked.  It was built into our core.  We understood that what has an effect on us will no doubt have an effect on others.  As we grow, we are unable to hold on to that thought.  Our I gets in the way and creates a separate entity, enabling us to view our own person as just that, its own person.  In today’s global crisis, we are starting that path back to what we, as a species, understand as children.  Every piece of information that we learn, as a species, should be shared and acknowledged. 

This is my Playground.  This is my street-side milk crate.  I intend to share, and share I shall.  Most of you reading this know that I will be leaving for Italy in little under six days.  I’ll be going to spend my semester in the Tyrol region, studying philosophy and aesthetics.  I intend to make public my discovering.  Fear not, for I shall discover. 

You will hear my voice.
You will discover as I do.
You will know.

And really, is there any greater pleasure than knowledge?