2 Days: Package in Motion

by Administration


There is something to be said about packing early.   Others pack weeks before their trip, I pack two days.  I will wear the clothes I have on now until I reach Italy.  The bags I’m bringing are located above.  One bag with clothes, books, pens, necessities, another with my computer, plane stuff, and another with my guitar.  These will be my companions on this journey.  I bought a special guitar and got rid of every other musical instrument I own for the sake of this trip – the Martin Backpacker will become my new best friend.  It has become my new best friend.

I don’t have much to do until I go, but I still have work that needs doing.  I’ll be introducing myself to a new way of life in just a couple days.  I look forward to leaving behind the current set-up I have.  I look forward to discovering my human adaptability.  I’ve always prided myself on my ability to adapt to situations and lifestyles – I wonder know how much that will come in handy.

This will be my last update before we hit Europe – I look forwarding to seeing you on the other side.