3 Feet High and Rising

by Administration

View from my Window

We arrived ten hours late, due to a excursion to Amsterdam and a missed flight.  I’ve now been at Brunneburg for almost 48 hours.  We were greeted by the smiling faces of Sizzo and Briggitte, Kelsey and Elana.  They brought us to our croft and showed us a bit around, but it was dark, we couldn’t see much.  I was feeling especially ill and sleep-deprived, having not slept in over 36 hours.  We were fed delicious soup, cheese, and bread – we then made our way to bed.

I can not begin to explain what it means to wake up in a croft located on the side of a mountain next to a castle.  I even have a hard time putting into words exactly were we live.  The vineyards surround us.  Dof Tirol is just a short walk away.  Short, but hilly – the average grade here has to be fifteen percent.

On Friday, we took a trip to the market down in Merano, the biggest city in the valley.  You can see it from the croft – you can see everything from the croft.  We spent part of the day walking around and shopping, buying some food to feed ourselves.  I immediately bought a large chunk of Parmesan cheese for 4.50E.  I then bought a nice, huge ciabatta role for around .93E.  This has been lunch for the past two days, and breakfast, along with a few oranges.

Elana showed me around down by the river, and I sat and had a wonderful Hefe-Cola, a great mix of Heffeweissen and Coca-Cola.  You can not imagine the thirst quenching abilities of this drink – I implore you to try it.  We hiked our way back up through the Dof Tirol, which is quite a hike, and made it back to the castle.  Dinner is made by a different group each night.

I spent today hiking towards a church across the valley – I wasn’t able to make it, but I tried.  I will try again soon.  I purchased some great sausage and Forst for roughly 4E – a great deal, and delicious.

All of this amazing experience has almost made me forget that the airline lost my luggage.  I seem to forget, until I look down and smell myself – I don’t have a change of clothes until Monday, hopefully

This is the start to my adventure – I was scared at first.  I was intimidated.  Classes start Monday, but I know that it will be amazing.  Everything I’ve done already is more than worth the price I paid to attend – and even more!  I could not have asked for a better first two days.  I almost got my satchel swiped by some people today, but more on this later.  Thank you Paul for teaching me how to be aware!

in memory, Paul Opel.