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There are some people in the world you must meet to understand.  Mary, for me, is one of them.  I spent the past two weeks reading her memoirs, discretions.  This book is written by the daughter of Ezra Pound – you can tell by the writing.  Not only does it give you a glimpse into the personal struggles and accomplishments of Pound, it also is a piece of poetry in its own right.

Mary spent her younger years, pre-20’s, growing up being looked after by what we would see as a foster family, her real mother, and a father who had another family.  None of this plagued in any serious way, mainly because she didn’t realize the extent of the deception.  One notable moment, which Mary spoke of yesterday in passing comment, is when Ezra walked from Rome (mostly,) to see her in the Gais – northern Italy, to tell her of his other family.  I won’t get into why he had a child with a famous musician, but I recommend you research the story.

Mary is staying in the castle, and we are requested for tea, optional, every Sunday at 4.  I also, along with Sarah Gastler, a good friend, have made a commitment to stop by and chat with her privately as much as possible.  This is a woman whose rare life we get a glimpse at – whose knowledge and experience can only be seen first hand.  When you talk with her, you are talking to a real live person, but you know there is something behind there, something hidden – a culmination of a lifetime of learning and experience.

She also started the castle and built, with her husband Boris, the parts we see today.

Mary de Rachewiltz is a woman of stature.  As a person: you are immediately swept by her ability to connect and understand.  As a figure: you are immediately swept by her breath and knowledge.  This is my first contact with someone who I was able to read about – and who has a Wikipedia entry – in person.