Classes and Glasses

by Administration


Classes have started – the week is in full production mode.

Every morning when I wake I immediately head down to the kitchen under our croft to slice off a nice big piece of bread, possibly some butter, and maybe an orange.  We get fresh bread deliveries daily and I make sure to always have an orange or two handy.  This constitutes breakfast.  After a lazy wander around for about an hour, I usually head over to the classroom – wherever that may be on a particular day, and do the routine.

Minus – when you’re in Brunnenburg, the classes aren’t separate from life.  I don’t feel as if I’m going off to class, turning my brain on and off again as needed.  It is a fluid idea that learning takes place 24/7 here.

I’ve been to four classes so far.  They were: Aesthetics: Philosophy of Art, Wine, Food, Agro-Archeology, Saints and Heroes, and our cooking class.  Trust me, these are not your typical classes – but I’m learning more than I would in a typical GMC classroom experience.

The professors, Steve, Sizzo, and Brigitta, are such a blessing to have in this place.  Each of them, in partnership with others, brings out so much in such a short amount of time.  I was worried the classroom experience would in some way damper the overall experience – but it has proved, thus far, to only enhance.

For now, I have multiple readings to do, some of which I may post in the future if they are especially tantalizing.  There’s something about reading Odysseus here that makes it all the more enjoyable then reading anywhere else. Also – we have our first wine tasting coming up next monday.

That’s one for Sha-Boy.