The God’s Breadth

by Administration


I had an interesting hiking encounter this past weekend. The places I’m going to speak about are located on the mountain in the center of the valley frame.

On Satuday, I headed out down the Algund Walweg, a nice walking trail that takes you along the valley with amazing views.  It’s just a nice walk, nothing too strenuous.  I started out with some fellow croftdwellers.  We walked across the valley, almost two hours, to Parschinnes, the last, distant town before you get to the other mountains and valleys.  We stopped here, after hiking up to the town, to grab a beer, some water, and gelato.

After this point – we parted ways.  Harry had planned to take a walk up to the wasserfall and around to Schloss Brunnenburg.  I intended to take my hike over to Vellau and down around Shloss Tirol.  Melina and Hannah went back to the castle to work on homework.  Needless to say, after a few moments of thinking about it, I went after Harry – when’s the next time I’ll be over this way to see the waterfall?

I never got up to see Harry, but climbed up, and up, and up, and up, and into the clouds to see a great sight.  The waterfall was brilliant.  A real show of height, weight, and power.  I hear there is great swimming right below it.  On the way up, I passed a sign saying “Warning: Flood Waves can occur at any moment due to hydropower functions,” or something like that.  An interesting note as I’m standing in a grassy basin underneath this huge waterfall.  Did I mention everything here is huge?

The sun went down in these parts of the hills around 4 P.M.  It was getting cold and cloudier by the moment.  I did not have a map – Harry is the only one with the map.  I walked in the general direction of Brunnenburg – it started raining, lightly.  At this point, I crossed some big trail marking – in retrospect, it definably was a warning.  I stumbled through the ever-increasing darkness until I came out and met the sun again – I was able to follow a perpetual sunset the entire rest of the way.

Until – I met the landslide.  This occurred roughly a year ago, and right down one of the largest mountain ranges I’ve ever been on – it destroyed an entire part of the mountain.  My path had ended.  I turned around and saw a very rough way down to some flatter land.  I started climbing – and not the steep walking, but climbing down this hill side.  I knew that if I didn’t find a way back before it was super dark, it would be ten times harder.  I climbed, fell, jumped, and rolled my way down to a sheep field.  I wandered through the sheep until  I found a trail and started my way over again.  I was able to climb down more and more and make my way to the Algund Walweg once again – following that home.

It was a fun day, and experiences like this happen left and right.  This coming week I have two nights planned in Venice, a night in Padua, and a night in Verona.  I’ll let you know how it goes – and if I find lodging!

I leave you with a quote from Nestor in the Odyssey:

Never once did the wind fail, once the god had set it blowing.