Great Adventures in Brunnenburg Castle

An artist's view on the world around his.

Category: Philosophy


There are some people in the world you must meet to understand.  Mary, for me, is one of them.  I spent the past two weeks reading her memoirs, discretions.  This book is written by the daughter of Ezra Pound – you can tell by the writing.  Not only does it give you a glimpse into […]

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Brunneburg Castle Entrance

Today I got up around 8:30 – long before most others in the croft were awake.  I got a head start eating some bread and Nutella for breakfast with a glass of tea.  Initially I was planning to head to church before I did anything, but felt intimidated by the small town style.  I decided […]

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Heil Playground

There’s a certain amount of trepidation when you start your next journey.  When we were children, we were under the impression that our lives, and those around us, were all linked.  It was built into our core.  We understood that what has an effect on us will no doubt have an effect on others.  As […]

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