Great Adventures in Brunnenburg Castle

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I had an interesting hiking encounter this past weekend. The places I’m going to speak about are located on the mountain in the center of the valley frame. On Satuday, I headed out down the Algund Walweg, a nice walking trail that takes you along the valley with amazing views.  It’s just a nice walk, […]

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There are some people in the world you must meet to understand.  Mary, for me, is one of them.  I spent the past two weeks reading her memoirs, discretions.  This book is written by the daughter of Ezra Pound – you can tell by the writing.  Not only does it give you a glimpse into […]

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Brunneburg Castle Entrance

Today I got up around 8:30 – long before most others in the croft were awake.  I got a head start eating some bread and Nutella for breakfast with a glass of tea.  Initially I was planning to head to church before I did anything, but felt intimidated by the small town style.  I decided […]

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View from my Window

We arrived ten hours late, due to a excursion to Amsterdam and a missed flight.  I’ve now been at Brunneburg for almost 48 hours.  We were greeted by the smiling faces of Sizzo and Briggitte, Kelsey and Elana.  They brought us to our croft and showed us a bit around, but it was dark, we […]

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There is something to be said about packing early.   Others pack weeks before their trip, I pack two days.  I will wear the clothes I have on now until I reach Italy.  The bags I’m bringing are located above.  One bag with clothes, books, pens, necessities, another with my computer, plane stuff, and another […]

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Brunnenburg - Spring

Now take a look at that.  The castle, in the center of the frame, is Brunnenburg castle, owned and operated by family and friends of the late literary figure Ezra Pound.  This is where I will be spending the next three months.  The croft, my home away from Vermont, is the smaller white building in […]

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